LED Lighting at Event VenueThe Foothills Event Center has recently had new LED lights installed! So if you’ve been looking for LED lighting at an event venue in Nevada County, you’ve found the perfect spot! LED lighting is energy efficient, which helps us fulfill our goal to reducing our carbon footprint. LEDs give off the light in a specific direction, unlike fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, which produce light and heat in all directions. It’s for this reason that LED lighting is able to use light and energy more productively.

Our LED lights can be fully dimmed to create the atmosphere you desire for your event. For example, business seminars will likely call for the lights to be quite bright, while wedding hosts may prefer them dimmed.

Vision is a crucial sense to entertain during an event, so lighting becomes the magical element that helps you define exactly what they see. And, lighting is the most cost-effective way that you can transform and enhance our venue for your use! Lighting can greatly add to the mood and tone of your event. Complete your perfect event with the lighting package that fulfills your style.

Our experienced event coordinators would love to talk with you about the hopes you have for your event. They are aware of how dramatic lighting can be at giving your event the amazing ambiance that it needs. Working one‐on‐one with our professionals will ensure the mood is set when your guest arrive. They can provide a keen eye to help design lighting for your event. We’ll make sure that your lighting compliments your event color palette, as well as checking that guests will be able to see everything well.

Whether you are planning a business luncheon, fundraiser, wedding, or another type of event, it’s sure to reflect your personal style! To book a complimentary tour of the Foothills Event Center and witness our LED lights in action, please call one of our Event Coordinators at 530-271-1000.