event lighting at the Norah Foundation New Year's Eve celebrationRight now, the Foothills Event Center is running a fabulous promotion on lighting for your event! Our event lighting package special has been popular with party hosts, brides, corporations, and non-profits alike!

The complimentary lighting package has a value of $200 when you book your event! You can use it on any type of lighting that the Foothills Event Center owns, including:

  • Uplights
  • Wall washers
  • Spotlights
  • Light bars
  • Market lights
  • or, a combination of any of the above types of lighting!

A bride who recently held her reception at the Foothills shared with us, “The amber colored uplights we used really made our wedding magical! They matched perfectly with our autumn-toned wedding theme. Lots of our friends asked me where I got my cool wall lights!”

Uplights are a hot trend for weddings and other special events right now. They help to transform our venue while also setting the mood for your event. Uplights are little light units which go on the floor around the perimeter of our ballroom space. They illuminate the walls with colored light, all the way from the floor to ceiling. You can see an example of uplights used in event lighting in the photo above.

Wall washers are a unique way to liven up our event space. They employ a technique called wall washing, which uses various cans to bathe the entire wall in light.

Spotlights are powerful stage lighting instruments that project a bright ray of light onto a space, such a stage. The Foothills Event Center has a fully-movable thrust stage available for your use. You can learn more about our stage in our post “Thrust Stage for Events.”

Light bars simply mean that a series or set of lights are fastened together on a rod or bar of sorts. They can be used to provide stages, display areas, or other focal points with a wash of light.

Market lights are light bulbs strung together. They provide lighting for outdoor or indoor events, such as corporate events, weddings, parties, or dinners. When done right, market lights produce a warm, welcoming ambiance and provide any event an intimate feel.


Please call the Foothills Event Center and speak to an Event Coordinator at 530-271-1000 to set up your perfect lighting package!

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