the hilarious mascot at the Cioppino Kasino Night!Last Friday night, the Foothills Event Center hosted KARE Crisis Nursery‘s Cioppino Kasino Night, a favorite in Nevada County. KARE Crisis Nursery a local non-profit organization that cares for small children when their family is facing a stressful situation.
According to their Facebook event page, the organization has been “busier than ever this past year providing emergency and respite services to families who sometimes need an extra hand caring for their young children.”
This year marked KARE Crisis Nursery’s 10th year anniversary of this entertaining fundraiser for such a wonderful cause, and it’s the second year in a row they’ve chosen to hold it at the Foothills Event Center. Our event venue allows KARE Crisis Nursery the flexibility to assemble tables, gaming areas, and conversational areas as they see fit.
The event was catered by Antonio Ayestaran Custom Catering, who served cioppino, which is a spicy fish stew. Cioppino contains the “catch of the day” which is typically clams, shrimp, Dungeness crab, scallops, squid, and mussels. Additional ingredients include tomatoes, onions, green pepper, red wine, and garlic.
Guests were treated to live entertainment on the Foothills Event Center’s adjustable thrust stage as well as a cioppino eating demonstration. The event also featured a silent and live auction followed by more gaming.  KARE Crisis Nursery held Bingo games in a separate room and brought their classic prize game, “Wheel of Fun.”
The Foothills Event Center has additional furniture available for you to rent for your event, including sofas, end tables, love seats, and cocktail tables.
For their fundraiser, KARE Crisis Nursery moved the furniture from our VIP suites to create warm and cozy conversational areas throughout our large ballroom-like space. They truly used all of the elements the Foothills has to offer!
Megan Swinney, our Event Center Manager, says, “We were really excited to host this event again this year. We’re so thrilled to be able to help non-profits such as KARE Crisis with a venue where they can achieve their fundraising goals!”

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