Are you feeling overwhelmed with event planning for your wedding or special event? Here are some great tips from the venue owner of the Foothills Event Center, Mardie Caldwell:

Mardie Caldwell

“If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, it might be because you have been trying to go too fast or to do too much at a time by multitasking. It may seem like you aren’t getting much accomplished. Feeling overwhelmed is often because we are trying to run around and get everything done in a short time and things are coming at us so fast. Or it could be you haven’t really pinpointed what’s going on in your head and life at this moment.

When I start to feel overwhelmed or irritated, there’s usually a reason behind it. But, I’m often going too fast to think about why. That’s when I have to pause, walk away from the place I’m at and sit somewhere else. I then close my eyes, take three deep breaths, slow down, and ask myself a few questions. It helps me to unload my thoughts as a short list on a 3×5 card, paper, or in my notes on my cell phone.

I put on some relaxing music or use an app called Coffitivity that helps me think. Coffitivity has background sounds like you’re in a coffee shop. Then, I ask myself these five questions to find out what’s going on:

1. Have I eaten anything today? Recently?
2. When’s the last time I had any water?
3. Am I angry or upset about something?
4. Am I tired?
5. What do I need to accomplish today?

Then, I determine what my priorities are right now. I jot them down, putting the most important things I need to accomplish down first. Just by identifying what I need to do and seeing it on paper calms me down and slows my heart rate. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, make sure you’ve taken care of yourself. Get water and a bite to eat.

After I have my list of priorities, I start at the top and spend just 15 minutes on that one item. Your timer will become your friend! Repeat the process of 15 minutes per item, checking off the list. This process tells our brain we are accomplishing our goals for the day and will melt away your feeling of being overwhelmed.

Instead of trying forge ahead at top speed when you feel frustrated, try the daily practice of taking the time to slow down.

So, ask yourself: are you feeling overwhelmed at this moment? Try this technique…you can do it anywhere, whether it’s at work, home, or in your parked car. Let me know how it works out and what you accomplished. Relax. You can do it!”

Foothills Events Center

Written by Foothills Events Center