Brides-to-be can use almost anything to inspire their wedding cake design: a love of modern design, the intricate lace on the wedding dress, or even a wedding china pattern. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and the Event Planners at The Foothills Event Center are here to help you make it memorable! Today, we’re sharing 7 wedding cake trends that are hot at the moment. You can use them to inspire your creativity as you design your custom cake, and then find the right baker to help you pull it off!
Ombre wedding cake1. Ombre Wedding Cakes
Here’s an artsy cake design idea: have your cake colors take on an ombre effect! You can make this look as glamorous or as whimsical as you’d like.
You have many possibilities with an ombre wedding cake. You could use a bright, vibrant color which transitions into a mid-tone. Or, maybe a barely-there tint which fades to white is more your style. Pictured to the left is an ombre cake that a couple had at their wedding held at the Foothills last Fall.
2. Metallic Wedding Cakes
You may have noticed that metallics are used a lot in stationery right now. Metallics are big for wedding cakes as well. The metallic cakes of the moment are glamorously stylized and take on an Art Deco look. You can learn more about creating an Art Deco wedding in our post, Hold Your Gatsby Wedding at the Foothills. Metallics are versatile in that they can be altered to fit your wedding’s style. For example, you might choose geometric shapes for a modern wedding or dainty gold embroidery for a traditional style.
Sugar flower wedding cake3. Sugar Flower Cakes
Flowers made of frosting on a wedding cake are nothing new. But the new trend with wedding cake flower accents is to group sugar-made flowers into tiny bouquets.
The flower bouquet works best with a muted cake color behind it, such as mint, ivory, or peach. In the photo to the right, the wedding cake baker created depth and texture as well by adding dots and stripes. The result is a look that’s simple, classic and understated.
4. Naked Wedding Cakes
With this deconstructed cake style, you’re able to show off the inside of your confection. The naked wedding cake style allows you to keep it simple. If you’re having an autumn or winter wedding, you might ask your baker to fill your cake’s layers with a seasonal fruit such as pears or apples. If your wedding will take place in the summertime, fresh berries work well.
5. White-on-White Wedding Cakes
A white-on-white wedding cake always remains in style. You can freshen up this classic style by adding interesting all-white embellishments. You might decorate your cake tiers with details such as embroidery, petals, or pearls.
In the photo to the left, the couple who held their wedding at our venue included jeweled embellishments. (Photo credit: Winding Road Imagery). You might also consider using a non-traditional shaped tier, such as an oval or hexagon, to make your cake a little more unique. If you’d like to add some depth and dimension, you might ask your baker to attach cascades of sugar flowers.
6. Woodland Wedding Cakes
This year, one of the hot wedding themes is earthy and nature-inspired. Following suit, that same style is popular for wedding cakes too. To choose a woodland-style wedding cake, select an edible ivory or white color and accentuate it with fresh flowers (or lifelike sugar ones) and leaves. How you display your woodland wedding cake will truly help you carry off the look. One of our brides selected a plain white cake and had her wedding planner place it atop a wooden tree ring. Then, it was embellished with moss and leaves.
7. Lace Wedding Cakes
For this wedding cake style, you’re going to need an experienced cake baker. They’ll be able to enhance your cake tiers with delicate designs, reminiscent of your wedding gown! Many brides lately have been requesting cake patterns copied from the lace in their dress or their china pattern.
If you’d like a lace wedding cake, your first step will be to decide which part of your dress to highlight. It might be just a few simple buttons made of sugar, or it could be fondant lace appliques wrapped around each cake tier. In order to pull off the lace wedding cake trend, we suggest you work with light tones and not much contrast.
The Foothills Event Center has numerous rentals available for your use, such as china, flatware, and glassware.
And just imagine your wedding cake displayed on our elegant cake pedestal with an entwined pearl pattern! (Pictured to the left)

Please call one of our Event Coordinators today at (530) 271-1000 to learn more about holding the wedding of your dreams at our venue!

Mardie Caldwell
Written by Mardie Caldwell

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