One of the secluded VIP suites at the Foothills Event CenterWhen you arrive at the Foothills Event Center, the first thing you’ll notice is our open, ballroom-sized space. It’s ideal for hosting a large event. But did you know that we also have three secluded VIP lounges?
Our clients have used the VIP lounges so creatively, to fit their event’s needs. Today we’re sharing with you a few of their imaginative uses!
At the Foothills, we recognize that each one of our clients has a unique vision for their event. Our Event Coordinators will work with you, connecting your dreams with our ideas. Let us help you! We have years of experience in producing flawless and stunning events!

Here are 5 ways that our clients have used the Foothills Event Center’s VIP Lounges:


1. Photo booth

Many weddings nowadays have fun and quirky photo booths! This photo was taken at a fundraising event for a local non-profit organization, the Norah Foundation, which took place at the Foothills on New Year’s Eve 2016.

Set aside one of our VIP lounges and let your guests get silly! All you need is a photo backdrop, a camera, and some fun props, and you’re all set to get photos you’ll love to look at later! Want more ideas on how you can create an engaging photo booth? Check out our article, “Wedding Booth Photo Ideas.”

2. Conversation space
In this photo, taken at a recent wedding, guests enjoyed a secluded spot to chat and enjoy a few drinks together! Our VIP lounges are perfect for having a more intimate conversation at a loud event. Your guests will be able to relax comfortably in one of the Foothill Event Center’s VIP lounges with their friends, and make some new ones as well!

3. Game room

Why not set up a few fun games for guests at your event? Many Nevada County nonprofit organizations such as KARE Crisis Nursery, Grass Valley Rotary, and Deer Creek School have used our VIP suites for card games at their casino night fundraisers here.

4. Auction area

At your next non-profit fundraiser, use our VIP lounges to set aside the items available for auction. You might consider using our ballroom for entertainment and seating. Then, you can display silent auction items up for bid in our VIP suites.

5. DJ station

If you’re having a DJ at your event, provide them with their own area for audio and visual equipment in one of the Foothill Event Center’s VIP lounges. By using a VIP suite for your DJ, you won’t have to worry about your guests tripping over your DJ’s many electrical cords!

Let our experienced Event Coordinators design our VIP suites to suit your needs!


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