Our pipe and drape screen used at a business seminarDid you know that the Foothills Event Center has a custom-made pipe and drape screen? This is a wonderful amenity to have available for your event because it will really help you transform our massive ballroom to a more intimate space. Today, we’re talking all about this elegant room divider, and how using it will make your event or celebration really “pop”!
Room dividers are a great way to break up a large space. You can place our screen wherever you’d like, and it will improve the effectiveness of each space. Having a portable room divider is ideal if you’re hosting an event with multiple activities, such as a wedding or fundraiser. Help add a new dimension of style to your gathering with our pipe and drape screen.
As you can see in the photos, our pipe and drape screen is covered in a simple, sheer white fabric. This ensures that it won’t clash with an event’s color scheme, no matter what palette you’ve chosen. The sheer fabric used on our screen matches the sheer fabric canopy-draped near our ceilings. This creates a cohesive, pulled together look.
close up of the Foothills Event Center's pipe and drape screenOne of the most appealing advantages of using our pipe and drape screen is that it will help the space become more functional. By placing the screen to divide our spacious ballroom, you’re able to make each part more functional than before.
So how have people used our room divider? Business meetings held at the Foothills have used it to create separate spaces. In the first photo in this post, you can see that half of our ballroom was used as the meeting room. The other half was used for networking and refreshments during a break in the presentations. The Foothills Event Center has also seen our room divider used at a non-profit fundraising event. The organization served food and beverages on one half of the divider and displayed silent auction items on the other.

We’d love it if you could visit the Foothills for a quick tour so that you can see this elegant pipe and drape screen in person.


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