Get the top 8 wedding DIY do's and don't from the top wedding reception venue in Grass Valley!Do-it-yourself projects are exciting to start. Plus, they look so perfectly stylish on wedding websites, social media, and magazines. However, there are some disadvantages to DIY projects. They can take a lot of time to complete, and your completed project doesn’t always look like you expected it to. (Just take a look at some of these hilarious Pinterest fails!) At our wedding reception venue, we want your big day to be fabulous and beautiful.
So today, we’re sharing the top 8 do’s and don’ts to know before you start any crafty wedding projects:

1. Do the Math

How much is your DIY project going to cost you? Lots of time, it seems like it’d be cheaper just to create it yourself. But numbers don’t lie – it might be more affordable to buy it. Unless your project has a sentimental aspect, it doesn’t make sense spending more on supplies than it would cost to purchase pre-made.

2. Don’t DIY Alone

Enlist your bridesmaids, close friends, family members, and your fiance to help. You might like to keep control of all these projects yourself, but it could cause serious bride burnout. The support that people can provide will come as a huge help. You’ll be able to complete your projects on time AND have fun while doing it!

3. Do Some Research

Make a list of the items you’d like to create for your wedding, then do research to see if these projects fit into your skill set. For example, are your flower arranging skills up to par to create all of the delicately-crafted wedding arrangements? If you’re not sure, get a quote from a local florist, like Grass Valley Florist or Art in Bloom Flowers.

4. Don’t Cut Corners

Finding ways to do things the easier (or cheaper) way might seem smart, but it will often catch up with you. If you use a cheaper accessory or fabric, it will save you money. On the other hand, it’ll end up looking cheap too!

5. Do Plan Ahead

Make a sample of your intended DIY project before you tackle the real thing, if possible. You’ll find out what supplies are needed and how much time it’ll take by making a sample. If your finished sample takes forever or looks blah, don’t hesitate to bail on the project and work on another DIY project.

6. Don’t Try to Do Too Much

A bride-to-be works on a floral DIY projectAs the event coordinators at this wedding reception venue know, planning your wedding can get stressful! It’s not a good idea to take on a huge project. For example, designing and creating your invitations might be a little much. Just think: you’ll need to handle all of the wording, assembly, printing, and addressing. Instead, think about making your own favor labels, place cards, or fun signage. These can be way more manageable (and fun!) DIY projects. The Foothills is happy to provide you a list of preferred vendors, including event planners. If you need someone to help you plan your wedding, check out Storybook Wedding Design and Joy of Life Events!

7. Do Get it Done Ahead of Time

Don’t procrastinate with your DIY projects. Be real with yourself about the time you need to begin and finish each project. Make a schedule to help you complete your DIY projects well in advance of your big day.

8. Don’t Miss Out

On your wedding day, you don’t want to be anxious. You want to enjoy every moment, not spend the day worrying about the guest book, favors, or candy buffet. Avoid any DIY projects that will need to be supervised at your reception. You’ll be so glad you did!
Some aspects of a wedding are best to leave to the professionals. The Foothills wedding reception venue has you covered, whether you’re looking for someone to do your day-of makeup, a fun DJ, skilled cake artist, or a professional photographer!