Did you know that at the Foothills Event Center, you’re able to book an event up to one year in advance? By booking your event in advance, you’re able to secure your desired date for your wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, celebration, or holiday party.
Let’s face it, planning an event can be stressful. There’s the budget to keep in mind, of course, but there are also aspects such as the guest list, decor, food, beverages, and entertainment, to name a few. You can make your event planning experience fun and painless by planning ahead and organizing early.

Here are 4 benefits to booking your event at the Foothills in advance:

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  1. Control Over Your Budget
  2. Of course, one the top priorities for most event planners is to keep costs down while at the same time getting great value for their money. By starting to prepare for your event early, you’ll be better able to create a budget. When you know how much your venue is going to cost, you can anticipate for items like food, drinks, and decorations in your budget.

  3. Ability to Design Creatively
  4. Celebrations and parties are wonderful opportunities to unleash your creativity and to think outside the box. By booking your event in advance, you can work with the staff at the Foothills Event Center to design a unique theme and plan for decorations. We’re happy to help you work with you to offer suggestions on how you can take your event to the next level.

  5. Greater Availability
  6. Getting a head start on your event preparation means that you’ll have more dates from which to choose. Also, when you book your event at the Foothills in advance, you’re able to notify people earlier. It seems that everyone has such busy schedules nowadays. From school functions and corporate events to charity gatherings and weddings, many people are booked solid for a few months. Make sure that your guests can make it to your event by planning ahead and reserving the Foothills Event Center early.
    bartender at the Foothills Event Center's barStarting your event preparations early also gives you time to take preferences from your attendees into consideration. The Foothills Event Center staff can then work with you to provide those wishes. So to get the best date for your Nevada County event, book early!

  7. Less Stress
  8. Avoid putting unnecessary pressure on yourself by booking your event far in advance. You’ll be better able to address any issues in advance and avoid last minute problems. Plus, having the time you need to do things like send invites and choose refreshments can give you a sense of anticipation and excitement!


You can see why it’s beneficial to book your event in advance! To get started, just call us at 530-271-1000, or send us an email.