Venue for any occasion Grass Valley areaGoogle is the most popular search engine out there. Chances are, you’ve used for everything from finding the best local plumber to how to lose weight. People even use Google to write reviews of businesses and services they’ve used. Reviews on Google can give you helpful information about a business before you even visit. So today, we’re sharing Google reviews of the Foothills Event Center with you!
“Beautiful venue, I highly recommend.”
“Great place to have a wedding!”
“It’s a nice place to have an event (can’t believe it used to be a car dealership!)”
“Beautiful and clean venue with exceptional professional staff. I’ve rented for monthly small gatherings, large pageants, and a party style high school reunion. Perfect for all due to the diversity.”
“We needed a modern, upscale venue in Nevada County badly. The Foothills fits the bill!”
“Classy, upscale venue. In picturesque Grass Valley! I would recommend The Foothills Event Center, to anyone looking for a wonderful, memorable experience.”
“Great place for all kinds of entertaining!”
“I went to a summer wedding at the Foothills. It was so nice to have AC! Plus we were able to spill out onto the patio and watch the gorgeous sunset. What an elegant venue!”

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