Aerial view of our outdoor event venue and patio

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The Foothills is primarily known for our indoor events. However, we have a large, welcoming patio area that can be utilized for your event as well. And you can take advantage of our huge parking lot area (which fits 140 cars!) for your event, too.
With this gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately, we wanted to share what it’s like to hold your event outdoors at the Foothills! Learn the benefits of using our outdoor event venue.


Your guests will have access to all the needed facilities including indoor restrooms and nearby parking lots. Our multiple outdoor power outlets can easily power any audio/visual equipment you need to use.
If your event is going to be held in the evening or during a chillier season, you don’t have to worry about hauling a space heater to the Foothills. We have both heaters and fire pits available, which lend a pleasant ambiance to your event.
Since the patio at the Foothills is entirely flat, you don’t have to be concerned about older guests or those with limited mobility.


The Foothills patio can seat up to 40 of your guests in tables and chairs, and even more if you choose cocktail-style seating. If you’d like to have a small outdoor wedding ceremony, this space is perfect for 50 to 80 guests.


Because proper lighting is essential not only for ambiance but also for the safety of your guests, we’ve made sure that our patio area and parking lot are both well-lit. As you consider booking your outdoor event at our venue, we’ll provide you with a few lighting ideas. At the Foothills Event Center patio, we have state-of-the-art LED lighting, which you can easily adjust to suit your needs.
Guests enjoy an afternoon picnic on the patio

Transform the Patio for Your Event

Everything from outdoor home shows to cocktail hours before weddings have been held on our patio. This goes to show you how easily the patio and parking lot space can be transformed for your event! These areas can be easily modified into just about anything you’d like for your celebration. For example, you can use our pipe and drape on the edges of the patio to make the space more intimate.

What If It Rains?

And if your event gets rained out, no worries! Just re-locate to the Foothills’ indoor space, a gorgeous ballroom that can be divided according to your needs.
Our patio is enclosed with a full roof overhead. The roof not only keeps you protected from any harsh weather but also shaded from the sun. Being shaded from the sun makes for much better photos because none of your guests will be squinting from the brightness!

We invite you to come and check out our fabulous patio space! Just call our Event Coordinators at 530-271-1000 to schedule your complimentary tour.

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