New Year's Eve Extravaganza photo by Jason Maier PhotographyNon-profit events are special since they exist to focus on important causes while working together for the greater good. At our event venue, we believe in supporting the mission behind 501(c) (3) organizations and will work with your nonprofit’s needs. We take care of all the hard work for non-profits, who are busy trying to the change the world.
Whether you’re planning a fundraiser, board meeting, organization conference, panel, or charity event, the Foothills Event Center has a variety of options ready for you to consider for your next non-profit event.
Our staff of event planners will work with you to create a bar package that suits your needs. From specialty cocktails to fine wines, The Foothills offers many options for hosting your next unforgettable event. We offer non-profit organizations a reduced rental rate. Plus, we’ll donate 15% of the bar profits from the event back to you.
bartender at the Foothills Event Center's barYour event needs to pull generous donors and prominent guests, without becoming so expensive that you have less money left for your cause. The Foothills Event Center has a liquor license, so you don’t need to worry about obtaining one. This also means that you won’t have the liquor liability, which would cause you to suffer an increased cost in your event insurance. The skilled staff at the Foothills will handle all aspects of the bar for you, such as ordering, stocking, and bartender services. We even provide you with fundraising tips, as seen here in our article “Nonprofit Fundraising 101: How to Plan a Successful Event.”
“We’ve found that some of the non-profits in the area have made 30 to 40% more profits using our non-profit event center because everything is right there for you and we set everything up,” says Mardie Caldwell, founder and owner of the Foothills.
The Foothills Event Center is frequently the site of non-profit events. Every year, we proudly host The Norah Foundation’s New Year’s Eve celebration. The combination of affordable price, central and recognizable location, and ample parking make it a top choice for many local organizations.

Let the Foothills Event Center’s flexible layout and elegant beauty set the stage for your truly unique non-profit event! Call us at 530-271-1000 to get started.

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