Murder Mystery DinnerThe Foothills Event Center is pleased to present Midnight at the Masquerade Murder Mystery Dinner on Saturday, October 27. Enjoy an evening of creativity, enchantment, and fantasy! Doors will open at 5:30 pm, and dinner is going to be served at 6:30. Drinks will be available for purchase at the historic Foothills bar. Trade clues with other guests, gather information and solve the crime before the masked menace gets away!
The Murder Mystery Company is ready to entertain you at the “Billionaires’ Club Annual Masquerade Ball,” complete with performances by actors. “Midnight at the Masquerade” is one of the shows performed by The Murder Mystery Company.
This show is a high-class mystery in which the actors wear elaborate Venetian masks that come with a very colorful history. Doctors wore these masks to protect them from the illnesses of their patients, the general public wore them for anonymity and celebrations, and diplomats used them in politics. Today, these masks as widely recognized as costume pieces in the much-celebrated Carnevale.
With a mystery under each feathery mask, identifying the killer will be a real challenge. Save the party by determining the guilty party and bringing this crime to justice. You never know who the murderer may be. It could be you! For dinner, a hearty meal of prime rib will be served, with a vegetarian option available as well.
At this murder mystery dinner, guests are encouraged to dress the part. Consider watching movies like “Phantom of the Opera,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “Labyrinth,” and “Man in the Iron Mask” for inspiration. In addition, here are some ideas Man and woman in Venetian masksfor what to wear to the masquerade ball:

  • Venetian masks
  • Tuxedo or a suit
  • Formal ball gowns
  • Jewelry or sequined accessories
  • Makeup mask
  • Feather hair pieces
  • Capes
  • Toy swords
  • Gloves

We think that this murder mystery dinner and masquerade ball will be the perfect addition to your Halloween weekend festivities! To secure your spot in this fantastic murder mystery dinner, we encourage you to purchase tickets now. Ticket sales will end on October 19. This will be an event to remember!

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