San Francisco Comedy CompetitionIn collaboration with the Center for the Arts, we’re honored to host the 43rd annual San Francisco Comedy Competition! On Friday, September 28th at 8:00 pm, join us as the top 16 contestants present their very best five to seven-minute set.
Comedy superstars such as Robin Williams, Louis CK, Dana Carvey, Patton Oswalt, Dane Cook, and Ellen DeGeneres were all discovered at The San Francisco Comedy Competition. So, this should shape up to be an entertaining evening!
Preliminaries for the comedy competition start today in Carmel-by-the-Sea and will wrap up on September 28th at the Foothills Event Center. The contestants you’ll see performing here at the Foothills have endured an elimination process that began with hundreds of applicants. A distinguished panel of local judges will choose the night’s winner, to be announced at the end of the show.
The San Francisco Comedy Competition is one of the largest, longest-running and famous comedy events in the world. “Many talented comedians have…emerged from this annual event to become major stars. It could be argued that the San Francisco Comedy Competition helps turn them into diamonds as it is a true contest that develops its contestants by forcing them to adjust to a variety of audiences – in comedy clubs, colleges, casinos and theaters – while enduring the strain of an extended road trip,” according to the San Francisco Comedy Competition’s website.
The comedy competition is part of the Center for the Arts’ “The Center on the Go” series as their venue undergoes renovations. The Foothills Event Center’s doors will open at 7:00 pm for the comedy event of the year. You can grab some drinks and appetizers at our bar before the show begins at 8:00 pm. Make sure to buy your tickets early for this one! Click to purchase tickets.