Get the Foothills' tips and tricks on crab feed etiquetteThe Lifetime Foundation’s 1st Annual Crab Feed is quickly approaching! On Saturday, January 26th, we invite you to crack open delectable Dungeness crab with friends, while grooving to classic rock jams provided by our live entertainment, Runnin’ 4 Cover.
While some of you might be crab feed junkies, there’s a new generation of crab connoisseurs just drooling to get started. Wondering what the proper crab feed etiquette is for getting down to business with the hard outer shell and jointed appendages of those delicious crustaceans?
Time to tie on your crab feed bib and toss away your inhibitions. Today, the Foothills Event Center is sharing 6 crab feed etiquette tips you should know:

1. Dress Casually

Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a little messy. Truly fresh crabs carry a “fishy” smell, and your clothes might have a lingering fishy smell when you leave. So, it’s best to keep your attire casual. Now’s not the time to bust out your best suit or cocktail dress!

2. Remember the Butter

Crab tastes best when paired with melted butter. So, remember to bring a butter warmer, candle, lighter, and of course, butter. If you’re a big fan of butter, plan on bringing around one cube of butter per two to three people. You can spice things up by bringing flavors like dill or garlic to mix with your melted butter.

3. Bring the Proper Tools

At the crab feed, servers will bring you crab that’s already been cracked. Mahoney’s Seafood will do the “heavy lifting” and break apart the crabs for the event. However, it’s so helpful to have your own crab crackers and small forks or picks. Having your tools at the ready will allow you to access as much of the delicious crab meat as possible!

4. Promote Philanthropy

First annual Lifetime Adoption Foundation Crab FeedThis crab feed is a fundraiser for a locally-based non-profit organization, Lifetime Adoption Foundation. The Foundation seeks to provide adoption information and support to children and women who in crisis.
At the crab feed, there will be raffle tickets and a silent auction with some fantastic items available. It’s a great way to support this wonderful organization, while at the same time picking out some amazing items for yourself (or to give as gifts!)

5. Bring Your Crab-Averse Friends

Besides the crab, we’ll also be serving offering pasta, salad, and bread. So, if you know someone who’d like to come along but they don’t like crab, they won’t go hungry! (Ticket price remains the same).

6. Don’t Ask for a To-Go Box

Remember, while you’re getting stuffed full of delectable crab, you’re there to help support a non-profit organization. Per crab feed etiquette, it’s very rude to try and take crab home with you. It’s not fair to the other guests, who might not be able to eat as much grab because you’ve stolen it! So, eat your fill at the crab feed and have a wonderful time, but don’t rudely ask for a doggie bag of crab to take home.
Now that you have your tools and tips, it’s time to get crackin’ and buy your tickets today. Crab feed ticket sales end on the 21st!

Know & Go

Who: Fundraiser for the Lifetime Adoption Foundation
What: Crab feed, live band, and silent auction
When: Saturday, January 26: doors open at 5:00 and dinner is served at 6:00 pm
Where: The Foothills Event Center
400 Idaho Maryland Road
Grass Valley, CA
(we’re across the road from Hills Flat Lumber)
Bring: Crab crackers or nutcrackers, butter, warmer to melt butter, and Wet Wipes (optional)
Cost: $50 a ticket. VIP tables are $398, seat 8 and include 2 bottles of wine