Guests enjoy the Foothills patioWhy choose indoors or outdoors for your event, when you can have both? Spring into nicer weather with our flexible event spaces at the Foothills Event Center!
The Foothills Event Center is a unique indoor-outdoor venue offering an endless amount of options for you to plan your special event. Today, we’re sharing about our large, welcoming patio area which can be utilized for your event!
The Foothills Event Center patio is the only one of its kind in Nevada County! Unlike other event venues in the area, our patio is enclosed with a full roof overhead.

Discover 6 reasons why you’ll love the Foothills Event Center’s
exclusive covered patio:


  1. Fits Many Guests

  2. The Foothills patio can seat up to 40 of your guests in tables and chairs for dinner, and even more if you choose cocktail-style seating. If you’d like to have a small outdoor wedding ceremony, this space is perfect for 50 to 80 guests.

  3. Access to Amenities

  4. Your guests will have access to all the needed facilities including indoor restrooms and nearby parking lots. Plus, there are multiple outdoor power outlets which you can easily use to power your audio/visual equipment. Guests who smoke can do so at a covered smoking section that’s set far away from the patio.

  5. Flexible Lighting Options

  6. Foothills photo courtesy of Sunworks, Inc.Because proper lighting is essential not only for ambiance but also for the safety of your guests, we’ve made sure that our patio area and parking lot are both well-lit. As you consider booking your outdoor event at our venue, we’ll provide you with a few lighting ideas. At the Foothills Event Center patio, we have state-of-the-art LED lighting, which you can easily adjust to suit your needs.

  7. Climate Controlled

  8. Is your event happening in the evening or during a chillier season? You don’t have to worry about freezing guests or hauling a space heater to the Foothills. We have both heaters and fire pits available, which lend a pleasant ambiance to your event. And if your event gets rained out, you can simply relocate to the Foothills Event Center’s indoor space.
    Guests enjoy an afternoon picnic on the patio

  9. Protection from the Elements

  10. The Foothills Event Center’s patio is fully covered with a roof, which provides your guests with shade as well as protection against the elements. Being shaded from the sun makes for much better photos because none of your guests will be squinting!

  11. Transformative

  12. Our patio has held many different types of events, from outdoor home shows to a cocktail hour before a wedding. Our Event Coordinators can easily transform our patio to cater to your event’s needs!
    The area can be modified into just about anything you’d like for your celebration. You can even expand your event into our large parking lot and still have enough spaces for your guests to park. Or, you could have our Event Coordinators place a pipe and drape curtain on the edges of the patio to create a more intimate space.

We invite you to come and check out our exclusive patio space! Just call our Event Coordinators at 530-271-1000 to schedule your complimentary tour.


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