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Foothills wedding photo by Alex Arnold Photography

With the warm weather, a wide range of colors, beautiful flowers, and an atmosphere of joy, it doesn’t come as a surprise that summer is the most popular season for weddings.
However, there are a few things to be extra attentive of when it comes to having your wedding in the summer.
With these 6 tips, you’ll be planning the summer wedding of your dreams in no time!

1. Book An Indoor-Outdoor Location

A great thing about having a summer wedding is that you’re almost guaranteed beautiful weather and that’s why outdoor venues are popular choices. Instead of going for a completely outdoor wedding, we recommend looking for a venue which offers both indoor and outdoor areas. If you book your wedding at the Foothills Event Center, you can choose to use both our 3,000 square foot indoor space and our outdoor covered patio area.
By giving your guests both indoor and outdoor options, they can choose where they’d prefer to be. This is especially nice to offer elderly or pregnant guests. If your venue doesn’t offer indoor space make sure they offer some shade, like from a gazebo or large trees.

2. Send Your Save-the-Dates EARLY

Summer is the perfect time for families to plan their vacations and getaways. So, we suggest sending your save-the-dates very early. Doing so allows your guests to put your summertime wedding into their calendar and plan around it.
At the Foothills Event Center, you’re able to book your wedding up to a year in advance! Learn more about the benefits of booking early here.

3. Keep It Casual

You want to be comfortable and confident on your wedding day, not sweaty and sticky. So when you’re shopping for dresses and suits for the wedding party, look for light, breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, chiffon or silk. Some summer brides go for an adventurous look and choose a shorter wedding dress. For a more casual look, your fiance might wear a linen suit.
You can even advise your guests to choose semi-formal attire that keeps them comfortable during your ceremony and the reception. If comfort comes first, a good time will follow!

A newly-married couple walks down the aisle at the Foothills Event Center

Foothills wedding photo by Bill Payne

4. Provide Light Refreshments

Your attire isn’t the only thing that should be light and refreshing for a summer menu. When you’re making the menu for your summer wedding, choose lighter foods that will be more refreshing in the summertime than heavier, creamier foods. Examples of lighter refreshments might include a veggie platter, gazpacho shooters, shrimp cocktails, and fruit skewers.
For the bar, think frozen cocktails, fresh coconut water, and lemon water. You might even offer popsicles or an ice-cream dessert stand!

5. Combat the Heat

It’s important to consider a few ways to beat the heat at your summer wedding. First off, be smart in choosing the time your ceremony starts. We recommend choosing a late afternoon or early evening start for your ceremony. You can benefit from ideal lighting for photos at this time of day (and maybe even a gorgeous sunset shot!)
The sun’s rays are the strongest at noon, so your guests might be too distracted by the heat to truly enjoy the ceremony.
You might provide your guests with handheld fans or battery-operated fans to keep them cool and decorate each fan with your wedding’s theme. Ask ushers to place buckets or baskets of bottled water close by so your guests can hydrate when needed. Trust us; it’s better to have a long line for the bathroom than sweaty, dehydrated, uncomfortable guests!

6. Remember Sun And Bug Protection

You don’t want your summer wedding to be remembered for the swarms of mosquitoes or a severe sunburn! So we recommend placing cute baskets with sunblock and bug spray in the restrooms.
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