The Foothills Event Center's solar array

Photo courtesy of Sunworks, Inc

Our operations team has just published a report about our high-performance solar array, and we’re excited to share some of their findings with you here! Since the Foothills Event Center Event Center had a solar energy system installed in July of 2017, we have produced 224 MWh of electricity. The report also revealed that we’ve achieved the solar milestone of cutting carbon emissions. Our solar array has avoided putting 157 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air of beautiful Nevada County!
Sunworks, Inc. installed the 85.7 kW DC system onto our building’s roof. Since its inception, the solar array has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 157 metric tons, which is equal to taking 30 vehicles off the road, reducing 348,235 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle. Another way to put 157 metric tons into perspective is to consider that it’s the amount of carbon dioxide that 17 homes typically emit in one year, and cutting back on that many carbon emissions is equivalent to planting 168 acres of U.S. forests.*
The solar array provides 85 percent of the Foothills Event Center’s electricity needs. “We began exploring solar when we first moved into the building [in 2013]. This was a large, multi-year plan because we wanted to cut our carbon footprint in the most effective way,” notes Mardie Caldwell, Owner and Founder of the Foothills. “I feel blessed to have to be able to host so many beautiful and happy events here in Nevada County, and do so while remaining environmentally conscious.”
The addition of solar panels make us the most eco-friendly event venue in Nevada County

Photo courtesy of Sunworks, Inc.

Clean energy is at the forefront of our business strategy, with other eco-friendly improvements including LED lighting inside and out. The first clean energy improvement made to the Foothills Event Center was the installation of LED lighting to the parking lot lights. Then, in 2016, we upgraded our interior lights from fluorescent to LED. Our efficient indoor LED lighting can be adjusted and dimmed to suit any type of event.

Major enhancements for energy efficiency at the Foothills are now complete with the installation of standing seam roof-mount solar panels. The upgrade to solar energy lowers our operating costs, allowing for upgrades to equipment rentals, décor, and our audio/visual systems. When Mardie purchased and revived the space in which Foothills Event Center currently exists, she says, “I had a vision for creating a warm, welcoming gathering spot for the community in an environmentally-friendly facility. The changes made over the last few years have made that vision a reality.”


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