Pianist provides background music at a weddingAre you searching for a Grass Valley event venue which will allow for live piano music? Create a celebration your guests will remember by renting our beautiful in-house baby grand piano!
The Foothills Event Center features a unique open space, perfect for fundraisers, art exhibits, celebrations, speaker panels, workshops, and more! Our grand ballroom features more than 3,000 square feet of available space, with high chiffon-draped ceilings, stylish market lighting, and a beautiful tile floor. We will provide the space in a neutral state, with only the furniture you choose from our vast selection of rentals available.
Right now, you might be wondering, “so why should we have a live piano at our event?” Music is an essential element of any event, whether it’s a wedding, celebration, fundraiser, or even a business conference. Read on to discover four benefits of using our baby grand piano at your event!

1. Creates Ambiance

Having live music in ballrooms and large exhibition halls is a wonderful way to set the atmosphere and create warmth.
Live piano music played at a fundraiser can be a good energy booster for your attendees. What a great way to leave people with an experience they will remember, helping you to stand out from your competitors!
Weddings can be an emotional event with many layers, and live piano music is the perfect way to capture that emotion and express yourselves. Your wedding ceremony is so personal and intimate that it just doesn’t feel right to have an iPod do the job. Let our baby grand piano provide a musical backdrop to your big day! It will provide an elegant setting for both your ceremony and reception.
Choosing live music for your ceremony will provide an elegant setting for your ceremony and reception. Our baby grand piano makes for an especially memorable (and melodic!) walk down the aisle. You’ll have an ultra-romantic and timeless soundtrack for one of the happiest moments of your life.

2. Saves You Time and Money

Since our baby grand piano is already here, there’s no need to pay extra fees or take the time to transport this massive piece of equipment for our event.
Many musicians will bill you for the cost it takes to transport larger instruments, such as harps and pianos, to the event venue. So by using the baby grand piano, you’re saving an additional charge of transport.

3. Easy to Relocate

Baby grand piano on wheels at the Foothills Event Center

Baby grand piano on wheels at the Foothills Event Center

Our baby grand piano is on wheels, making it easy for us to move it anywhere in the ballroom you’d like. For example, say that you’d like the piano played as guests arrive at your celebratory dinner, to provide background music. Once everyone has arrived and taken their seat, we can quickly relocate the piano to the opposite end of the room without anyone batting an eye!
The great thing about live piano is that it can carry over to the reception or other parts of your celebration. Our baby grand is portable, and the ceremony may only use it for about an hour and a half. Then, it can be played again during cocktail hour or while the venue is transformed for your reception.

4. Goes With the Flow

Think about it: if you’re using a recorded soundtrack, your bridal party has to keep the pace of the music as they make their way down the aisle. But an in-person pianist can be flexible. They can adjust their playing speed or even repeat a section of music to accommodate for a larger bridal party.
If the emcee for your event is running late, the pianist can adjust their cadence or even add an extra song or two. Whether you have a ballpark idea of the songs you want or have no idea and would like some suggestions, we can help you create the perfect soundtrack for your special event.
Professional musicians who have experience with weddings will know how to adjust the timing if things aren’t going according to schedule, and to look for cues from your wedding coordinator.

Rent the Foothills Event Center’s Baby Grand Piano

The Foothills Event Center charges a flat fee of just $85 to rent our baby grand piano. You may bring in your pianist of choice, or we can provide you with recommendations. We work with outstanding musicians, and we can create ensembles or provide soloists based on what you desire. If what you’re looking for isn’t our specialty, we will refer you to someone who can help you.
The Foothills is nestled centrally in the heart of Grass Valley, right next to Caliber Collision and Young’s Carpet. Our event venue has a stage, audio/visual setup, lighting, chairs, tables, and a projector available. Walk-throughs are welcomed and encouraged! Call The Foothills Event Center at 530-271-1000 to schedule your complimentary tour.