What to Ask When Planning Your Nevada County Quinceanera

Girl poses for a Nevada County Quinceanera photoYour Quinceanera is one of the most important moments of your young life, and planning it can be fun! There are a few essential things you’ll need before planning can really begin.
Getting permission from your parents to have your quinceanera is step one. Many parents, along with their church, also decide on holding the traditional “Misa de assion de gracias” (Mass of Giving Thanks) for you before the reception, and this is typically held at the family’s church. Then it’s off to the celebration!
Identify and approach padrinos for assistance in your celebration and let them offer their help in the way they would like before asking for specific support. Then work with your parents, padrinos, and friends alike to plan your celebration.

Do Your Research

Look around and ask friends for tips on a venue that can hold your quinceanera in Nevada County. Think about whether you’re going to go all out (your conversations with your parents and padrinos about your budget will determine this) or whether you keep it simple. Either way can be a fun time for you and your family and friends. Then, make some calls.
When it’s time to choose a venue, make appointments with each place you’re interested in seeing and take a tour of the place. Try and have a good idea of what your event will consist of, what kind of space you’ll need, and the feeling or theme you envision. Then it’s time to choose a venue.
When you call venues to make the appointment for a tour, make sure to take notes. Here’s what to include in your notes:

  • How easy they are to get ahold of
  • How responsive they were if you had to leave a message
  • Whether the conversation you had with them on the phone gives you a good feeling and confidence in working together.

These points will come into play when choosing the right place for your Nevada County Quinceanera!

Take a Tour

Make sure to have a list of questions ready to ask for when you’re on tours at possible venues for your Nevada County Quinceanera. These questions will help you decide whether the space is right for you. While touring the facilities, be sure to take notes as to your favorite things about each and what might be a challenge.
Here are some questions to ask yourself and the venue manager:
1. How well does the room fit your vision of your celebration as far as to look and feel?
2. Is the room easy to decorate, or will it take more time and money to make it look the way you want? Be sure to ask if they have restrictions about hanging things from walls or windows, whether confetti is allowed, and if they offer additional décor items for rent.
3. Does the venue offer you enough space for your guests and entertainment?
4. Is there a time limit on when loud music needs to end?
5. What is the capacity of the room? Be sure to know how many people will be seated at tables so that you can figure out how much additional space you’ll need for your court, the dance floor, the food, etc.
Girl arrives at the venue for her Nevada County quinceanera6. Is there enough parking? Some venues in Nevada County are lovely, but your guests will be searching all over town for a place to park (and find their cars later). Make sure that at the very least, your venue has close parking for your older guests or disabled guests.
7. Are there restrictions on catering or other vendors? Some venues will only allow their house caterer or a partner caterer to be used in their space. Most times, that’s an excellent solution for the catering needs for your quinceanera in Nevada County. Your family may want to help out by bringing food, so ask the venue if that’s possible.
Sometimes the venue will have a house bar that they will require you use instead of bringing in your liquor. Every Grass Valley quinceanera venue is different, so be sure to get all the information on any restrictions before signing the contract.
8. Does the venue offer coordination services? Some venues will rent you the space, hand you the key, and wish you well. That can save you money, but it can also cost you in time and stress. Some venues, including The Foothills, will offer coordination services as part of the rental package. Some offer to help answer any questions your vendors have ahead of time, work with them on the facility’s usage, load in and out times, placement and facility rules, and day-of coordination.
9. Does the venue offer rentals? Some venues will have tables and chairs available to rent, and some are included in the rental package cost. Be sure to look at the chairs and tables if they are included in the package and make sure that they are of good quality. Some venues also offer linen and décor rentals. Be sure to get a list of what is available so that as you plan, you can have all your resources available to choose from for your Nevada County quinceanera.
10. If there are multiple spaces, are they all included? Be very clear on what each space offers in regards to a main room, additional smaller rooms, and outside areas. Sometimes other rooms can cost more and sometimes they are included in the price.
11. Be clear on all the terms and conditions of the rental contract! Be sure that before your parents sign the contract, they understand all of the terms of the contract and agree with them. Are all of the things you want to be included in the contract listed?
Once you’ve chosen a Nevada County quinceanera venue and selected a date, the rest will fall into place!
Remember that this experience should be fun and a wonderful time in your life. Try not to plan something that will make you stressed out and perhaps miss schoolwork or other extracurricular activities. Plan a day where you’ll have a good time, your family and friends will enjoy themselves, and you can remember this day as a wonderful experience!

Your Nevada County Quinceanera, at The Foothills Event Center

The Foothills Event Center lit up for a quinceaneraWe can help you plan every aspect of a quinceanera, so your special girl has a special day! The Foothills has flexible packages and planning sessions are included. We’re here to ensure her celebration will be memorable for her as well as family and friends!
The Foothills Event Center has elegant décor, gorgeous table top designs, padded mahogany Chiavari chairs, chic farm-to-table cuisine, richly colored LED accent lighting, and fine music to make her quinceanera a special memory to last a lifetime. Our helpful event team will assist in planning an unforgettable experience every step of the way, taking care of all of the fine details so you can relax and enjoy your celebration. Learn more today, or call us at 530-271-1000.

Mardie Caldwell

Written by Mardie Caldwell

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