Bride in her gown consults with a wedding plannerGetting engaged can be one of the most exciting times in your life, and you may be on cloud nine for some time. So when it comes time to put pen to paper and start planning your special day, there are a few things to take into careful consideration so that you can maintain your calm and enjoy your engagement as much as your ceremony and reception.
Planning a wedding can be very stressful. Whether you’re planning a big elaborate ceremony and reception or a smaller, simpler gathering, there are a multitude of details that need to be handled before, during, and after the event. If you have no experience in event planning, here are six reasons that you may want to consider hiring either an event planner or rent from a venue that offers wedding coordination:

1. Allows Friends and Family to Enjoy Your Wedding

Many brides think that asking a good friend or family member to plan the wedding is a good idea, but it’s not always recommended. Your family wants to celebrate your wedding as much as you do and be a part of the celebration, but being in charge of the celebration is an entirely different animal!
Putting the stress of managing the details of your perfect wedding will take away from their experience of being able to enjoy your celebrations. Asking good friends for this kind of help can also backfire and potentially destroy your friendship. If they are a friend that you would invite to your wedding as a guest, they want to be able to participate and enjoy the day too. Managing a wedding from start to finish is a lot of work!

2. Designing Your Day

When you hire a good wedding planner, they will devote themselves to the project. They want to get to know you and your partner and what you want your ceremony and reception to look and feel like. A good planner will:

  • Consider what your décor should entail
  • Work with your guest list
  • Design your seating chart
  • Discover what your food choices are
  • Develop on a theme idea
  • Plan the flow of your wedding
  • Make sure that every personal touch you want is included

By doing all of this legwork, all you have to do is show up ready to create memories of a lifetime. Tell them all about yourself, your desires, your dreams, AND your budget.
They will be responsible for everything from the beginning, from the ordering and sending of your wedding invitations to managing the clean-up after the reception. You can focus on finding your dress and the more fun parts of your engagement.
If you have an idea of how to plan your wedding and time to hire your own vendors, have help with decorations, and the personal touches you want to include, you may want to consider hiring a wedding coordinator or renting a venue that provides that service as part of a package. That way, you can get all the details lined up and ready to go for your big day, but the day of, you have someone to handle the details so that you can focus on yourself and your family.

3. It’s Up to You

Working with a wedding planner, you can choose to be involved as little or as much as you like. Your planner will be ready to take on the whole project and pull everything off exactly as you have directed your day to be. But if there is a part of your wedding that you want to do yourself, they will be accommodating.
Working with a wedding coordinator will sometimes require you to be hands-on with all the planning up to the day of the event. Some coordinators will also offer more in-depth assistance that will kick in a couple of months before your wedding. They will help you with final preparations and take care of all the details on the day of the event.

4. Working With Your Vendors

When you don’t have experience planning events or hiring vendors, it’s hard to know all of the right questions to ask so that you don’t end up being short-changed in services or over-charged in fees. Are you a good negotiator? Not all fees are set in stone. A good wedding planner will be able to negotiate on your behalf or already have connections (and perhaps vendor discounts) that you can take advantage of so that you’re sure to get the very best deal with no hidden fees.
Working with a coordinator can also help in this area as they are well versed in working and negotiating with vendors. Many coordinators will have established relationships with vendors and can provide a preferred vendor list at the very least, and may have discounts available to you as well.

5. Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

Getting all your plans together for the reception, including the food, beverages, guest’s gifts, décor, and all the personal touches you want to include is one thing, but you also need to plan the ceremony. Most venues will include rehearsal time in their space so that you can bring your wedding party and rehearse what you’ve planned. By having a rehearsal, you can work our any kinks or address anything you didn’t expect.
When you hire a wedding planner, they will take care of the arrangements as well as be there for the rehearsal to manage the flow of the ceremony rehearsal. They will also take notes and facilitate any changes to the flow along the way so that when it’s showtime, you’ll be relaxed and know that everything is taken care of for you and your guests.
Most wedding coordinators will work with you from the wedding rehearsal on as they usually work at the venue that you’ve booked. Typically, you will meet with your wedding planner ahead of time to get an idea of your plans and the special touches you want to include. Then they can facilitate the rehearsal and help with any changes to the flow of the ceremony and make sure that things happen just the way you want on your wedding day.

6. Experience is Everything!

Working with a wedding professional who has had ample experience is key to having a stress-free wedding. Good wedding professionals have seen it all and are ready with creative solutions for anything that could go wrong. They have also seen the things that work well and things that don’t regarding crowd flow, food choices, décor choices, and fancy extras.
Your wedding professional is a wealth of information on creative ideas too! If you have a concept that you want to develop, they should be able to offer up ideas and show you all kinds of ways to decorate, offer creative food and cake ideas as well as money-saving tips for all aspects of your celebration.
In the care of a wedding coordinator, you will most likely have someone working with in-depth knowledge of wedding events and will also be willing to offer suggestions and ideas of what works well and what doesn’t. They will also be at the ready for anything that could need attention or a creative solution. A coordinator will work with you on planning, to the rehearsal, and all through to your wedding day. You can count on them to be there for you from the beginning through the end of your hall rental time. And for some couples, that is just enough.
When you book your wedding at The Foothills Event Center, you can receive consultation services from our Venue Event Coordinator. In addition, you can request the services of a day-of event coordinator who will be on-site on your wedding day. You’re welcome you to schedule a one-hour rehearsal in our venue as well!

Message us or call us at 530-271-1000 to arrange a private, complimentary tour. You’ll see why so many couples choose our modern, well-equipped and easily accessible venue for their big day!

Amanda Rodgers
Written by Amanda Rodgers

Amanda assists with all aspects of the Foothills Event Center’s concerts, parties, celebrations, fundraisers, weddings, and other events. She observes our events as they happen, to ensure the clients and event attendees have a seamless event.