A gorgeous sunset at the Foothills Event CenterWe, the staff at The Foothills Event Center, would like to wish you very happy holidays and warm wishes for a wonderful New Year!
2020 has been quite a year. Between COVID-19 lockdowns and PG&E shutdowns, socializing and conducting business has been challenging, to say the least. We have all had to learn how to live with these new restrictions and have had to get creative to find solutions to the challenges we are all facing.
If you were planning to host a business or social event and it cannot take place as you hoped, give us a call. We can come up with a solution. Our staff has come up with safe alternatives such as live streaming over our lightning-fast 250 Mbps internet with Wi-Fi access. We also have plenty of space that will allow social distancing for smaller events. We have the ideas and the technology to help you revamp your event to keep your attendees safe and stay in compliance with state regulations.
We believe the New Year is going to be a time of healing and progress. Weddings, business seminars, celebrations, and other events will soon be allowed. The staff at The Foothills is ready and eager to help you start planning your event. Calendar dates are beginning to fill up, so give us a call or text today to save your date: 530-271-1000.
Start the New Year off right with some fun, exciting Come Paint With Us classes. These are an excellent way for you to start the New Year with your friends and colleagues. Check out our schedule of classes and book yours today! Here at the Foothills, we maintain social distancing and adhere to all state sanitation regulations.
We hope you enjoy your holidays!
The entire team at the Foothills Event Center

Foothills Events Center

Written by Foothills Events Center