Lightbox with text BYE BYE 2020 with medical mask on dark backgroundOver the past year, things have been uncertain (to say the least!) when it comes to having weddings, events, and gatherings. It seems the whole world has changed due to the pandemic. All of the plans we’d been working on and events we’d scheduled suddenly stopped. The world came to a halt as we were all told to stay home and stay healthy. It’s an absolutely unprecedented challenge that we have all been called upon to rise and meet head-on.
It’s true that there’s nothing we can do about our current situation aside from following the guidelines of our nation’s health officials, but we can take steps toward your future and future events. With our practical tips for planning your event in the midst of COVID-19, you can start working towards your successful event today!
As 2020 draws to a close, we’re taking the opportunity to highlight some of our most helpful and loved blog posts of the year! We’ve compiled the top 5 blog posts published on Foothills Events. So let’s get started with this countdown of the 5 most popular posts on our blog in 2020:
Couple cutting their small wedding cake. Photo by Bill Payne Photography

#5: Why Should I Have a Small Wedding?

Coming in at number five is a blog post from April about the reasons to keep your wedding small. Planning a wedding right now can seem like a daunting task, but as the COVID-19 pandemic has us all staying at home, you can use that extra time to your benefit!
Having a smaller wedding and celebration to start your lives together not only saves you money. It can also help you get off to a less stressful start!
Wedding ceremony under the gazebo at Rough & Ready Vineyards. Photo by Jana Johnston Photography

#4: Do you need to plan your wedding or event differently during COVID-19?

As we continue to shelter in place, it can feel like everything is on hold, and nothing can be done about it. This post walks you through the two main aspects of planning a wedding. It goes on to describe how the pandemic has affected each part of wedding planning.
With our practical tips for planning your event in the midst of COVID-19, you can start planning towards your big day now!
table of flowers and photos at a memorial service

#3: Ideas for Honoring Your Loved One at a Memorial Service

Honoring a loved one who passes away can be one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do. In this blog post from July, we shared a few simple ideas to help you with your planning. From tips on overall décor and photo displays to the table of honor and gifts to give, this blog post covers it all!
Also included in the post are ideas on how guests can participate; everyone in attendance at the Celebration of Life has their own story about why this person is special to them. They will have many reasons to miss your loved one. Read this post for ideas that will give your friends and family a way to share their feelings about their loss and the person that has passed.
Wedding guests throw rice and flowers at a newly-wedded couple as they exit the church

#2: Why Do We Do That, Anyway? Origins of Wedding Traditions That May Surprise You

Many wedding traditions have changed considerably over time, and we can all be grateful for that! As you’ll see in this blog post, some of our most treasured wedding traditions have an ancient and even dark history.
We covered the origins of wedding traditions such as the flower girl, ring bearer, the bridal bouquet, carrying the bride over the threshold, and the tossing of rice. Take a look and see if you still feel the same about following some of these traditions for your wedding!
Engaged couple chooses a wedding date during Coronavirus

#1: Getting Married? How to Choose a Wedding Date During Coronavirus

Of course, the top blog post of 2020 touches on the pandemic! Choosing your wedding date used to be relatively simple, but now, in the days of the Coronavirus, there are many more things to take into account before being able to make that crucial decision.
This post, which appears on our other venue’s blog, Rough & Ready Vineyards, covers what you’ll need to consider as you begin planning your wedding date. Get details on the two fundamental questions you’ll need to answer before you choose a date for your wedding: “Where do I want my wedding?” and “How many people do I want at my wedding?”
We miss you and are sending you good thoughts and truly hope that you and yours are doing well and staying healthy. It’s a challenge but remain patient, and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon!

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