Frequently Asked Questions about the Foothills Event Center

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Please click the text below to see the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions please contact us.


Do your rates include the whole building, or just specific rooms?

The beauty about The Foothills Event Center is that within your affordable fee, you’re paying for the entire space: ballroom, green room, coat room, dressing room, VIP rooms, and patio areas.

How early can we set up for our event?

You can set up as early as 7am for your event, or by arrangement the day before when available. Please contact one of our Event Coordinators at 530-271-1000 to arrange for a tour and to discuss your needs.

Do you provide bar-tending services?

The Foothills Event Center is unique in that many of our packages include full access to our well-equipped historic bar as well as bar-tending services. We have a beautiful large historic bar, a dessert bar, coffee bar, all for your use when renting The Foothills Event Center.

Do you accommodate smokers?

Yes, The Foothills Event Center has a specially designated smoking area separate from the main entrance.

A few of our guests are disabled. Are you able to accommodate them?

The Foothills Event Center is completely ADA compliant. We have paved handicap parking with ramps for the entire ballroom and rental rooms.

What are the rates for your conference room?

Our rates are $50 an hour with a three-hour minimum. The rate for non-profit organizations to use the conference room is $25 an hour with a three-hour minimum. Since the conference room is in high demand, please call early for availability and booking: 530-271-1000.

Can we hold a small event such as a meeting or small group at The Foothills Event Center?

Yes, we’re able to easily accommodate a smaller group for a meeting, seminar, or class. Please call one of our Event Coordinators for details: 530-271-1000.

We are interesting in holding a class at The Foothills Event Center. Is that possible?

We do host an assortment of art, business, and painting classes. Classes may be held during the mornings, afternoons and evenings. Please call us to share your details and the type of class you are interested in conducting: 530-271-1000.

Who is responsible for the cleanup after an event?

We ask that the clients pick up after themselves, and we provide recycling bins and garbage cans for this purpose. Our team will break down the tables and chairs after your event, and general cleaning is done by our cleaning team.

Do you have someone that can help us with the floor plan layout for our event?

Our Event Coordinators use a wonderful software program to design your layout. They will help you decide upon an ideal floor plan that works for your specific event’s needs and crowd. We have assorted sample layouts and event suggestions we will share with you that have worked successfully for other events at our center.

Can we hold our concert at your center?

The Foothills Event Center is a wonderful venue for concerts, musicals and dinner theater. We have sound, stage, and a green room.

Do you have electrical hook ups for catering trucks and vendors outdoors?

Yes, in our various parking lots we have a number of electrical outlets suitable for craft and various vendor’s needs, such as car shows, food trucks, farm to table vendors and other uses. Please inquire by calling us at 530-271-1000.

Do you have a sound system?

Yes, we have a full sound system and microphones for your use. Please inquire when you visit.

Do you have a stage?

We have a fully moveable thrust stage complete with lighting, that can be split into a half stage with your choice of which lighting to include in your event. We also have six 4X4 mini-stages for many different uses. Call us at 530-271-1000 to schedule a time with one of our Event Coordinators to drop by and take a look!

Do you have a green room?

Yes, we have a green room for your performers’ use before and after their performance.

How far in advance can we book our event?

We take reservations one year or in some cases a year and a half in advance. On occasion, we have last-minute dates that become available. To ensure you get booked on your preferred date, we advise you call early for availability and to avoid disappointment: 530-271-1000.

Do you host outdoor events?

Yes, we host outdoor events and have a four-level parking lot. All levels have safety lighting and electrical outlets for street vendors, food vendors, and craft and auto shows. We have 4.6 acres of easily accessible paved and marked areas.

What type of lighting do you have?

We have various indoor and outdoor lighting for your needs. You’ll be able to see them during your tour of the center. Please contact one of our Event Coordinators to arrange your tour: 530-271-1000.

Do you have wireless Internet?

We have very fast, fiber optic wireless Internet with speeds of 100 Mbps. It’s one of the fastest Internet connections in Nevada County, with capabilities of streaming your live event worldwide from right here in Grass Valley at The Foothills Event Center.

Do you have a list of preferred vendors?

Yes, we have a preferred vendors list. Please ask about this during your consultation with one of our Event Coordinators.

Is a rehearsal included with the wedding fee?

Yes, a wedding rehearsal is included with your wedding package at the Foothills Event Center. The Foothills is one of the most elegant and versatile venues for weddings.

Do you have a bride’s dressing room on-site?

Yes, we have a dressing room for brides. It includes a full-length mirror, area for makeup application and hairstyling. The room is large enough to fit your bridesmaids as well. Beautiful weddings have been held at The Foothills Event Center and we look forward to hearing about your special day.

Our venue is new, wonderfully decorated, and has the versatility to look fabulous for any event. It smells nice and fresh and has a great feel for your guests, leaving them with a wonderful feeling about you and your special event that you’ve held at the Foothills Event Center.

Come by for a visit and to experience the Foothills Event Center for yourself. We look forward to serving you!