Fundraisers at the Foothills

Fundraising event space Nevada CountyIf you need a space for your fundraiser the Foothills is the right choice! Our event venue is a wonderful spot to hold fundraisers and large-scale dinners. Non-profit organizations in Nevada County seeking a place to hold fundraisers now have the ideal location! The huge ballroom-like space is perfect for holding large-scale fundraisers, dinners, and other similar events. There’s plenty of space for all attending!

The Foothills Event Center also has three VIP suites, that are perfect for featuring auction items. Our Event Coordinators can help you atmosphere conducive to an auction, whether you’re holding a silent auction or an open outcry auction.


Custom venue for fundraising events Grass Valley CAChoose Your Style

We have multiple types and shapes of tables and chairs available to rent. And the Foothills is styled with neutral coloring and decor, creating a blank canvas for your event. You’re free to style our center as you see fit, without worrying about whether your decor will clash.

Our parking lot provides free on-site parking for up to 140 cars, and we’re ADA compliant. There’s handicapped access, including accessible restrooms. Learn more about the unique event services at The Foothills.


Come Paint Starry Horizon

Starry horizon acrylic paint and sip class Grass Valley Ca
Thursday, August 4: Come paint with us this gorgeous depiction of a starry horizon over mountains, full of long brush strokes, small details, and overall beauty!

Come Paint Summer's Walk

Come paint with us Summers walk acrylic class Grass Valley Ca
Tuesday, August 18: Come paint with us as we walk through this lovely summer trail. The perfect evening painting with a friend or loved one!

Come Paint Hot Air Balloon

come paint with us hot air balloon acrylic class Grass Valley Ca
Tuesday, Sept. 8: Come paint with us as we imagine soaring above beautiful fields of flowers in our hot air balloon during the early morning hours.

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