This spring, a Nevada County firefighter named Travis was involved in a terrible accident while lighting a fire at his home. He suffered 3rd degree burns on 25% of his body, covering the majority of his legs. He was admitted into the UC Davis Burn Unit for treatment. Before the healing process could begin, he underwent surgery to apply large skin grafts to his legs, after which he remained at UC Davis for four weeks. During his stay, Travis and his now wife Alissa were able to continue with their plan to get married on the 26th of April surrounded by a small group of friends and family.

The Foothills Event Center hosted a Nevada County fundraiser BBQ for Travis, to raise funds for his medical costs. The fundraiser showed how amazing our community can be. Person after person showed up to purchase dinner, drinks and raffle tickets. Most people did not want change and just donated the remainder to Travis and Alissa. The amount of uniformed firefighters was almost overwhelming, and really shows the bond formed between service men and women. The few friends that organized the Nevada County fundraiser hadn’t had much experience but thanks to their hard work it went off without a hitch. Around 150 people showed throughout the night, and it seemed as though everybody had a great time.

Foothills Event Coordinator Ashley McGinnis shared, “I had many people ask about having their party here in the future, and many had sweet things to say about the experience and the building itself. The patio was a hit, everybody liked that belly bars and the option to sit on the patio. Also the vignettes were well used. It was overall a great event, and the organizers were so great clean up was a breeze. I look forward to many more events here and the creative ideas each group will bring to us here!”

Foothills Events Center

Written by Foothills Events Center