is it tacky to have a cash bar at your wedding?

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As you figure out your wedding budget, you’ll soon find that alcohol takes up a large portion. It might have you thinking about just doing a cash bar. But is that move tacky, or practical?
Even if you have to find ways to cut wedding costs, a cash bar is never a good option. A wedding is a party that the bride and groom (or their parents) are throwing for guests. Think about it this way: you wouldn’t ask guests to pay for beer, wine, or cocktails in your home, and your wedding should reflect that courtesy.
Asking your guests to pay for their own drinks is like inviting them over to a party at your home, and then asking them to rent a chair to sit in. It may set a negative tone for your wedding, and guests will skip the bar or leave early because of the lack of party atmosphere. A solution that many brides are trying is to have a beer-and-wine-only bar to cut down on costs. Your guests’ choices will be more limited, but you can still have the party vibe.
Sure you’ll be spending a lot on your wedding, but your guests are also paying a price to attend. All of your guests, especially ones from out of town, have spent a lot of their energy, time, and money to be there with you on your special day. So it seems rude to ask them to spend even more money on drinks at your wedding.
If you can’t afford a full bar, consider having a limited bar. You could serve only soda, beer, and wine or have a champagne toast. A cute idea that will save you some money is to create your own signature wedding cocktail and give it a name that’s special to the two of you. Doing so will cut down on the different liquors and ingredients you’ll need to purchase.
You can take a look at the Foothills Event Center’s preferred bartenders to find just the right service for your wedding:

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