Wedding cake photo by Andrew & Melanie Photography

Photo taken at the Foothills by Andrew & Melanie Photography

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s upcoming nuptials are undoubtedly the most anticipated wedding of 2018. While their wedding will certainly be “royal,” it will also be personalized to match their cultures, interests, and traditions.
Since Meghan and Harry are from opposite sides of the Atlantic, today we’re taking a look at how the U.S and U.K compare when it comes to engagements, wedding planning, and the celebration. Here’s a fun look at the differences and similarities!
Most popular months to marry
Here in the U.S., Autumn weddings are the most popular, with 30% being held in September and October
In England, Summer weddings are the most popular; 19% are held in the month of August.
Married on a Saturday?
In America, 67% of couples hold their wedding on a Saturday, compared with 57% in the U.K.
As with most couples, Meghan and Harry have decided to get married on a Saturday. Their Saturday wedding will differ from past royal weddings, which are held on a weekday.
The Foothills Event Center all set up for a wedding receptionReception location
16% of couples in the U.S. choose a historic home or building for their wedding reception
26% of couples in the U.K. choose a hotel for their wedding reception
Meghan and Harry have chosen historic homes and buildings for their wedding receptions. Their wedding breakfast will happen at Windsor Castle, with their evening reception occurring at Frogmore House, one of the Royal family’s homes.
Number of guests
In America, the average number of wedding guests is 127
In England, the average number of wedding guests is 85
While the royal wedding guest list will obviously be more the U.K average wedding guests, their guest list is much less than William and Kate’s wedding. They’re inviting 1,900 guests to the ceremony, 650 to the wedding breakfast and 300 to their evening reception.
Asking for parent’s permission
67% of American parents are approached ahead of the engagement to request their permission, compared to 49% of English parents
Reportedly, Harry asked Meghan’s mother for permission to marry her daughter before he popped the big question.
Wedding proposal at a beachProposal on one knee?
76% of Americans get on one knee to propose, compared to 65% of English couples
When Harry asked Meghan to marry him, he popped the question at home and got down on one knee.
Announced engagement on social media
86% of Americans proudly declare that they’re engaged on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites
65% of English people announce via social media
Wedding hashtag?
This is a new trend that’s much more popular amongst Americans: 54% of U.S. couples use a hashtag at their wedding, compared to just 18% of U.K. couples.
Type of registry
61% of U.S. couples choose a national retailer
57% of U.K. couples request gifts of cash
St. George’s Chapel at WindsorCeremony in a place of worship
24% of U.S. couples and 27% of U.K. couples wed in a church or other place of worship
Meghan and Harry are being wed at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor.
Honeymoon destinations
56% of American couples stay within the U.S. for their honeymoon, with destinations including Mexico (8%), the Bahamas (6%), and France (3%).
15% of English couples honeymoon in the U.K. Other popular destinations are the U.S. (11%), Spain (9%), and Italy (7%).
Wedding cake 
75% of U.S. couples serve cake at their wedding, compared to 84% of U.K. couples
There will be a lemon and elderflower-flavored wedding cake at Meghan and Harry’s evening reception. Harry’s brother, parents, and opted to grandparents serve a traditional British fruit cake at their weddings.
Open bar
This appears to be an American custom: 68% of American couples have an open bar at their wedding, compared to just 18% of British couples.
Source: Wedding Wire