Our pipe and drape screen used at a business seminarHere at Foothills Event Center, we have a wide array of items available for rent, including linens, china, and sound equipment. We also have a “pipe and drape” screen, which was custom-built to match the decor and mood of our ballroom space. It’s perfect for helping you transform our massive ballroom into a cozier space.
Today, we’re sharing three of the benefits to dividing our spacious ballroom with this elegant room divider!

1. Adds Functionality

We think that one of the most attractive benefits of using our pipe and drape screen is that it helps our ballroom become more functional for your event’s needs. When you use our elegant screen to divide the massive ballroom space, you’re making each part of the room more useful than before.
Wondering how people have used our room divider? The Foothills Event Center’s screen has been used at many non-profit fundraisers. For example, an organization used it to serve food and beverages on one half of the room. On the other half, they displayed their silent auction items.
Our pipe and drape screen has also been used to create separate spaces at business meetings. In the photo you see above, part of our ballroom was used as the boardroom. In the other part, refreshments were served during break, and business professionals found time for networking.

2. Divides a Large Space

close up of the Foothills Event Center's pipe and drape screenThis one is pretty obvious: the screen is a great way to separate and break up a large space, such as our ballroom. It’s portable; you’re able to put our screen wherever you’d like. It will make each space you’ve created more effective.
Having a room divider is perfect for events with various activities, like a fundraiser or a wedding. Our pipe and drape screen will give your gathering an extra element of style.

3. Matches with Anything

The pipe and drape screen at the Foothills has a simple, sheer white fabric. This fabric was chosen with a wide array of events in mind. We selected the sheer white fabric so that no matter what color scheme your event uses, it won’t clash with the screen.
You might notice that the sheer fabric on our screen coordinates the sheer fabric that’s canopy-draped at our ballroom’s ceiling. This gives your event a coordinated, pulled-together look.

Would you like to get a tour of the Foothills Event Center, to see our elegant pipe and drape screen in person?

Just call our friendly Event Coordinators at 530-271-1000 to schedule your complimentary tour!