We know you'll love faux flowers for an event!

Photo taken at the Foothills by Andrew & Melanie Photography

Did you know that faux flowers are the new fresh? At the Foothills Event Center, we have a wide variety of beautiful faux flower arrangements for rent. There are many benefits of faux flowers for an event: the price point is so much lower, they won’t wilt in hot weather, and any flower you’d like is available year-round.
Here are the top 7 benefits of using faux flowers for your next celebration or event. Get ready to fall in LOVE!

1. Affordable

Artificial flowers are much less costly than real flowers! You’ll have more money in your budget on other event aspects, like catering and entertainment. Plus, you get more bang for your buck because you pay once and walk away with forever flowers.

2. Hassle Free

Something that’s hassle-free and involved in planning a wedding? I bet you didn’t know that existed! Using faux flowers will make your wedding flower shopping a dream come true. You can rent your faux flowers for an event at the Foothills when you book with us and then forget about them until the wedding. By taking care of your flowers months ahead of time, you’ll be able to make room for other wedding planning to-do’s in the whirlwind weeks before your big day.

3. Allergen-Free

Do you have to admire flowers from a distance due to allergies, or suffer the sniffles? With faux flowers, you can avoid that stuffy feeling at your special event. Artificial flowers look like fresh flowers, but without the pollen. Your guests who also suffer from allergies will appreciate your choice of faux flowers, as well.

Wedding decorations created using faux flowers

Photo taken at the Foothills by
Andrew & Melanie Photography

4. Low Maintenance

With faux flowers, you’re able to enjoy your celebration instead of running around, making sure your flowers have enough water and aren’t wilting in the sunlight. Faux flowers require no soil, no watering, and no sunlight. They’re very low-maintenance but still stunning!

5. Everlasting

Since faux flowers last forever, you’ll never forget life’s special events! You could even create a lasting keepsake from the silk flowers used in your wedding bouquet.
Artificial flowers are meant to last a lifetime. By following a few simple care instructions, you can keep your blooms as beautiful as the day you received them.

6. Any Flower in Any Color, Any Time.

If your favorite flower is out of season, it’s going to be very expensive to buy fresh. That’s not a problem with faux flowers! You can choose your favorite flower year-round, and even in colors that you can’t find in fresh flowers. Faux flowers are incredibly affordable and hassle-free when it comes time to buy florals for your special event.

7. Durable

Faux flowers are durable and can endure a lot more than fresh flowers. It can be very challenging to travel from the floral shop to your home, and then to the event venue. There’s the inevitable squishing and breaking, and there may also be issues with not having enough room to transport your flowers safely.
This is no problem with faux flowers, which have wired stems that don’t break. A faux flower won’t squash to the point of no return, and you won’t have to worry about water getting everywhere!

Whatever your reason for choosing faux flowers for an event, you won’t regret it! We would love to create a stunning arrangement for you.

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