Get your tickets to this popular murder mystery event today!The deadline to purchase tickets to our popular murder mystery event is quickly approaching!
Ticket sales end on Monday, October 22, so secure your spot in the Midnight at the Masquerade Murder Mystery Dinner today. It’s happening on Saturday, October 27, and will be a night filled with intrigue, mystery, and fantasy! The doors to the Foothills will open at 5:30 pm, and dinner is going to be served an hour after that. Grab some drinks from our historic Nevada County bar and get ready for what’s sure to be a fascinating evening!
The Murder Mystery Company will present a show filled with mystery, murder, and intrigue in an interactive Clue-style format. They’ll act out the clues right in front of your table, so everyone has the best seat in the house! From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll be engrossed in a thrilling murder mystery dinner experience. Mingle with crazy characters and dubious suspects in a game of murder you get to play! If you’ve never attended a murder mystery party before, then you’ll love our tips found here: How to ‘Kill It’ at Your First Murder Mystery Dinner.
The plot thickens as you enjoy a three-course gourmet meal, highlighted by the flavorful main dish of prime rib. (We’ll have a vegetarian dinner available too). You’ll get to grill the suspects, gather clues, and work with your team to crack the case before the killer gets away!
The Murder Mystery Company’s actors are ready to entertain with their show, “Midnight at the Masquerade.” This company has stellar reviews, including from notable celebrities. “How beautiful that this show can inspire confidence in the audience to have fun and let loose!” enthuses iconic actor and filmmaker Al Pacino about the show. And award-winning actress Beverly D’Angelo says, “You guys were the best. I want to do this every Saturday!” [Source:]

Remember, ticket sales end in one week. Grab your tickets today by clicking on the button below!

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