Woman enjoys a good time at the Foothills barUpon entering the Foothills Event Center, the first thing that most of our guests notice is the wide open ballroom space, perfect for large-scale events and celebrations. The second thing they remark on is usually our unique bar area.
Today, we’re sharing 7 fascinating facts that you might not know about the Foothills Bar!

1. Connection to Nevada County History

The Foothills Event Center bar was once used as the circulation desk at a local library, serving some of the greatest budding minds of the area! It’s been repurposed to serve drinks, and fully refurbished to pay homage to Nevada County’s history of local wineries.
Foothills bartenders with a selection of local wines

2. Supports Local Wineries and Breweries

At the Foothills, we believe in supporting other local Nevada County businesses. So, we’re delighted to be able to serve local wines and beers. When you book your event at the Foothills, you can customize the bar package for your event with your favorite local wines and beers. Prices vary depending on the selection.

3. Multiple Bar Packages Available

Our team of friendly Event Coordinators can help you design a bar package to fit your needs (and budget!) Even if you want non-alcoholic options, we can make that possible for you. You can customize the beverage choices your guests will have, and choose whether you’d like to have a cash bar or hosted bar. The varieties are endless!

4. Chat and Mingle Before Concerts

The Foothills Event Center open its doors 60 minutes before the start of each of our “It’s Happening at the Foothills” concerts. This allows you to catch up with an old buddy over some local brews before the entertainment begins!
Historic bar at a Nevada County event venue

5. Versatile Shape

The bar top is quite unique because it has both round and traditional bar tops. Because of this, caterers and bartenders can serve your guests more efficiently! Many guests have enjoyed using the rounded bar area for serving drinks, and the straight-across space for a dessert bar or coffee bar.

6. Compatible with Any Color Scheme

Our design team chose a deep charcoal color for our bar, so it doesn’t clash with your event’s color theme. It’s painted with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, giving it a velvety, matte finish with a vintage feel. We chose chalk paint because it’s eco-friendly; it’s low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has no odor.

7. Choose Your Bartenders

When you hold your event at the Foothills, you can choose whether you’d to hire bartenders or have our staff of bartenders serve your guests. Many non-profit organizations appreciate the ability to use their team as bartenders because it allows their fundraiser to keep the profits for the cause. On the other hand, having the Foothills bartenders take care of serving drinks means one less thing to worry about on your big day!

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